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Why DFW Airport 

A World-Class Super-Hub

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world – our world-class super-hub drives regional, national and international commerce from a pivotal location. With an impressive assembly of Fortune 500 companies within the region and a bold focus on the future, DFW Airport is the perfect place to land your business.


Equally accessible to both the East and West Coasts at the center of a major, growing transportation hub.


Within the U.S., 79 markets can be reached overnight by truck or rail.


Low cost of living, business-friendly, skilled and well-educated employees.

Commercial Use

Dallas Fort Worth is one of the top regions in the nation  for business, thanks to a low cost of living, a business-friendly environment, a strong base of well-educated and skilled employees and robust access to both U.S. and world markets through its transportation network.  Year after year, prestigious business experts and publications laud the region’s unique advantages.  Driven by Texas energy, ambition, ingenuity and hospitality, Dallas Fort Worth’s economy is among the strongest in the country.

Near the geographic heart of the United States, equally accessible to both the East and West Coasts, DFW International Airport’s premier location is uniquely positioned at the center of a major, growing transportation hub.  Within the U.S.,  79 markets can be reached overnight by truck or rail.  Immediate access to miles of major road networks quickly connects business to the region and beyond.

North Texas has one of the nation’s finest  transportation networks along with innovative plans to increase access and accommodate future growth.  Surrounded by five state highways and two commuter railway lines traversing will enhance economic developments at the Airport and surrounding communities.

Commercial Development is an essential component of DFW International Airport’s innovative business structure and represents a dynamic opportunity for development on airport land.  At one of the world’s largest airports, you’ll find over 17,000 acres of land – including approximately 6,000 acres available now for commercial use.  We’ve already successfully developed a significant part of the Airport as part of our mission to create a meaningful and multifaceted center of commerce with robust connectivity to global business.