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Foreign Trade Zones

International Trade

Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) were established to encourage and expedite United States participation in international trade. DFW International Airport (DFW) holds the grant of authority for Foreign-Trade Zone No. 39 (the “DFW FTZ”), which offers nearly 2,200 acres of cost savings. DFW utilizes the FTZ grant to promote international trade in the region.

Companies operating in our FTZ receive numerous inventory tax exemptions for international inventory, and savings or elimination of U.S. Customs duties, tariffs and taxes - potentially saving companies millions of dollars and reducing timeframes. FTZ facilities include a 21-acre business park and two cargo distribution centers with direct airport ramp access. We are also home to a strong, fast-growing network of international trade agreements with countries in Asia,Europe and around the globe.

DFW-Dubai Freezone Alliance

DFW is the first U.S. location to link a U.S. Foreign Trade Zone with a major trading partner, the Dubai Airport Freezone. This innovative strategic alliance brings together the outstanding services of two of the world's busiest airports to enhance trade and commerce opportunities for business.

DFW-Farglory Free Trade Zone Alliance

DFW Airport and the Farglory Free Trade Zone of Taiwan signed a free trade zone alliance Friday, May 17, 2013, creating a framework for a collaborative alliance between the two organizations.

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