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ARFF Recurrent

ARFF Recurrent

The ARFF Recurrent Training Program is a cloud-based subscription solution for emergency responders' to complete on their own computer. Through intuitive electronic record keeping, airports can ensure compliance with FAA ARFF recurrent requirements.


ARFF Recurrent utilizes online learning technology developed by SSi and content developed by experts
at the DFW Fire Training Research Center.

  • Keep electronic records with ease
  • Enjoy real-time management reporting
  • Track practical demonstrations
  • Receive automatic recurrent training reminders
  • Store current FAA advisory circulars
  • Access training 24/7 on any device


Complete your FAA 14 CFR Part 139.319 - Training Online

Developed by ARFF training experts, the 10-hour curriculum is based on NFPA 1003 standards and meets FAA 14 CFR Part 139.319 Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting.


Operational Requirements:

  • ARFF Personnel Safety
  • ARFF Emergency Communication 
  • ARFF Adapting Structural Equipment 
  • ARFF Tactical Operations
  • ARFF Hoses & Nozzles
  • ARFF Extinguishing Agents
  • ARFF Aircraft & Airport Familiarization
  • ARFF Aircraft Evacuation Assistance 
  • Aircraft Cargo Hazards



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