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The DFW Fire Training Research Network (FTRN) encompasses a variety of services available to students, employees, and the general public. We strive to provide a personalized learning experience for all. By allowing our students to move among online, in person, interactive, and competency based training, we create a new pathway to learning and give every department flexibility in their training. Whether you are looking for interactive software to use at your station or just searching for answers, we have you covered!

Flexible Delivery

Removing barriers to delivery is a consistent theme in our curriculum. Since the training center first opened, students have had the opportunity to immerse themselves with hands-on training. Courses are offered during the day, at night, or online making education possible for those first responders' who might not be able to attend otherwise.

Expanded Access

We strive to expand access to education through innovative pathways. We are an early pioneer in online education for first responders' and take pride in the quality of our coursework. Whether you learn best through interactive software, one-on-one virtual sessions, or just need your recurrent training, we have the solution for your department! Our student base is more diverse than ever before, and we continue to look for new pathways to make aircraft rescue fire fighting courses more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Quality Commitment

Specializing in best practices when training firefighters since 1993, the FTRC continues to expand course offerings and research projects to ensure relevant, up-to-date training for all. The FTRC is a leader in quality, program and course development models, analytics, world-class specialized instructors, quantitative and qualitative monitoring, and more. Our pioneering work in competency-based training is seen by many as a paradigmatic shift in the learning styles of firefighters globally. We have paved the way to shift the focus of quality from inputs and outputs to how firefighters interact, collaborate, and what they can actually do with what they know. 

Innovation Solutions

We push the limits of the status quo every day through innovation, forward thinking, creativity, and risk-taking. This effort is fueled by our commitment to provide high-quality training to firefighters as they achieve their goals and be prepare for any situation.



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