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Do you have a product that you want to test and learn more about before committing to purchase it for your entire department? Schedule an afternoon to come and test at our facility!

Innovative research programs provide us the opportunity to learn about a product before it hits the market from those directly involved in its development. Our massive training field, state-of-the-art training tools, and good Texas weather make the Fire Training Research Center (FTRC) the perfect space for corporations to perform large-scale research tests.

Past Research Projects
The FTRC hosted the pivotal 2018 DFW Foam Summit in October to evaluate new generation fluorine-free foams. LastFire, an international consortium of petroleum manufacturers, brought in a team of researchers from all over the world to develop a better understanding of firefighting foams, whether it be fluorine-free or the new generation “C6” fluorosurfactant-based concentrates.



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