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Concessions Terminal RFP Solicitation 051324

DFW has issued a Request for Proposals for 38 locations within 18 packages.

  Request for Proposal Attachment 1
Package Documents
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Concessions Terminal RFP

Solicitation 051324

Request for Proposal 05.13.2024 Updated 7.19.2024


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Package 1:

Fast Food Chicken;

Dessert/ Salt Snack;


Updated 6.10.2024


Package 2:


Fast Food Pizza;

Grab and Go;

Quick Serve Salad;

Dessert/ Baked Goods


Package 3:

Juice Bar;

Coffee (National/ Regional);

Quick Serve Street Tacos or Asian Fusion (Flexible)


Package 4:

Travel Essentials with Drip Coffee;

Flexible Retail;



Flexible Retail


Package 5:



Package 6:

Salty/ Savory Snack;

Salty/ Savory Snack;

Salty/ Savory Snack

Updated 6.24.2024


Package 7:

Gourmet Market and Retail;

Flexible Retail;

Flexible Retail;

Flexible Retail

Updated 7.19.2024


Package 8:

Fast Food Burger (National)

Updated 6.10.2024


Package 9: 

Travel Essentials with Drip-Coffee;

Grab and Go

Updated 05.28.2024



Package 10:


Personal Care


Package 11:

All American Gourmet Hot Dog


Package 12:

Quick Serve Italian Cuisine


Package 13:

Flexible Retail


Package 14:



Package 15:

Flexible Retail


Package 16:

Entertainment/ Gaming


Package 17:

Sales Tax Refund Service


Package 18:

Nap Center;

Nap Center


Attachment 2: Sales Expectation Information


Attachment 3: Draft Concessions Lease Agreement


Attachment 4: Package Directory Update 6.10.2024


Attachment 5: Frictionless Customer Journey


Attachment 6: DFW Demographics and Enplanement Data


Attachment 7: DFW Segmentation Study


Attachment 8: FY24 Concessions Projections as of April 2024


Exhibit A: Proposal Acknowledgement Form


Exhibit B: Concessions Business Disclosure Form


Exhibit C: Part 1 - Estimated Initial Investment


Exhibit D: Pro Forma


Exhibit E: Summary of Financial Statements


Exhibit F-1: Airport Concessions Disadvantaged (ACDBE) Commitment Form

Updated 7.19.2024


Exhibit F-2: ACDBE Intent to Perform - Revenues


Exhibit F-3: ACDBE And/ Or M/WBE Good Faith Effort Plan


Exhibit F-4: Airport Concessions Disadvantage Business Enterprise (ACDBE) Concessionaire Information


Exhibit F-5: Minority/ Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Commitment Form


Exhibit F-6: Active Participants List


Exhibit G: Bonfire Workshop Attendance


Exhibit H: Proposal Checklist


Submittal Label







Passenger Traffic DFW Terminal Split by Hour (Forecasted July 2024) 


DFW Monthly EPAX by Terminal FY23 - FY25

Addendum No. 1


Addendum No. 2


Addendum No. 3


Addendum No. 4


Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Opportunities at DFW Airport

PLEASE NOTE: All events/ dates/ locations are subject to change. Please continue to reference this website for updates.

DFW Concessions Pre-Proposal Conference



Location: Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport

Date: May 21st, 2024

Time: 1PM - 5PM C.T.  

Registration: Click Here to Register




Presentations and Handouts

Concessions Pre-Proposal Conference Recording 5.21.2024

Concessions Pre-Proposal Conference PPT 5.21.2024

Concessions Pre-Proposal Conference Construction PPT 5.21.2024

Concessions Pre-Proposal Conference Attendance List 5.21.2024

Concessions Terminal A and C Pier Impact Webinar Recording 5.16.2024

Concessions Terminal A and C Pier Impact Webinar PPT 5.16.2024

Concessions Sublease and Joint Venture Virtual Workshop Recording 5.2.2024 

NCTRCA Certification Recording 5.01.2024

NCTRCA Certification Presentation 2024

Bonfire - Procurement Workshop Recording 5.01.2024

Bonfire - Procurement Workshop PPT 5.01.2024

Concessions Workshops PPT 5.01.2024

Concessions Workshops Attendance List 5.01.2024


Concessions Summer Preparedness Webinar Live Recording 3.28.2024

Concessions Summer Preparedness PPT 3.28.2024

Concessions Workshop Sublease and Joint Venture Recording & PPT 3.20.2024

Concessions Workshop Sublease and Joint Venture PPT 3.20.2024

Concessions Workshop Bonfire Recording & PPT 3.20.2024

Concessions Workshop Bonfire PPT 3.20.2024

Concessions Workshop Attendance Contacts 3.20.2024

Concessions Outreach 2.21.2024

Attendees List Outreach 2.21.2024

Concessions Customer Insights September 2023

Concessions Spring Preparedness Webinar Live Recording 2.13.2024

Concessions Spring Preparedness Webinar 2.13.2024

Owner's Forum 01.11.2024

Bonfire Workshop 8.22.2023

Presentation from DFW Concessions Community Outreach Event, July 26, 2023

Concessions Pre-Proposal Conference 6.20.2023

Attendee and Registration from June 20, 2023 Pre-Proposal Conference

Bonfire Workshop 5.16.2023

Video from DFW Community Outreach Event, April 14, 2023

Presentation from DFW Concessions Community Outreach Event, April 14, 2023

Attendees and Registration from April 14, 2023 Outreach Event  

Concessions Opportunities 2023

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